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About our Products


Furniture production is a part of our heritage. Our more than 60 years of experience and know-how provide invaluable benefits for our production facility in Denmark, as well as in our close co-operation with our global suppliers. We have chosen to work with only a few suppliers that share our commitment to high quality. This way we are in control of the entire production process ensuring the highest quality every step of the way.

We believe that good quality is not achieved through random but through consistent and dedicated work. A comprehensive quality-control program based on the ISO 9000 standard and our own production experience has been implemented with all our suppliers. We have our own quality control engineers always working on site with our suppliers. They ensure that our detailed guidelines are followed all the way through the production process and make sure that the final products are checked before leaving the factory.

All our furniture is made from high-quality components and based on our passionate regard for functional and affordable design. To achieve this, we work on finding the right balance between carefully selected materials, beautiful design and deliberate simplicity.

Wood furniture

You will find veneer surfaces on most of our board furniture, such as wall systems, tables and bed frames. Veneer is just like wood - a natural material - and variations in the grain must be expected. This is what makes each piece of wood furniture unique. The majority of our wooden parts are UV-lacquered 3-4 times to ensure a very durable surface. Our surfaces are tested continuously to ensure that the resistance to scratches and liquid spills, and the color fastness meet our standards for normal, everyday use.


Most of our glass tabletops are made of tempered glass to ensure our customers' safety. Colored glass plates receive a heat treatment that burns the color pigment into the glass. This process ensures that the color is resistant to scratches. All edges are finished to highest standard.

Metal parts

The majority of our metal parts are made from the highest quality metal, reducing the risk of impurities. Our chromed metal parts are treated with two layers of nickel underneath the chrome that results in a very smooth surface with minimum risk of rust. Other metal parts are powder coated which produces a tougher surface than when using conventional paint. Powder coating is also an eco-friendly surface treatment as the lacquer does not contain any solvents and excess paint can be re-used.

Upholstered furniture

We are dedicated to ensuring that every single piece of our upholstery provides you with perfect seating comfort. That's why we primarily use high resilient foam in our seat cushions. High resilient foam is very structurally stable, ensuring optimum comfort and a long lifetime. The back cushions are channel sewn on the inside keeping the filling material in place. We do always recommend that you shake your cushions regularly to ensure form stability too. With time and use, foam and cushion filling will stabilize so your sofa or chair will feel smooth and comfortable.

The selection and application of hardwearing materials, which contribute to the lifetime of our products, is a key factor for us ― as is the widespread use of solid wood where strength and stability are required. Our products are upholstered with high quality foam that ensures both soft and rounded edges and corners, and means that our fabrics and leathers wear less and last longer.

Leathers and fabrics

We select our leather and fabrics based on the design and function of the individual products they are to be used for. We guarantee no color difference between different pieces of furniture when commissioned as one order. Our only requirement is that all the pieces of furniture are ordered at the same time.

All leathers and fabrics will stretch during use. To achieve the best comfort covers cannot fit too tightly. Therefore, some creasing may occur, but this adds character to the sofa or chair.

All our furniture fabrics and leathers are tested at internationally recognized and accredited institutions.

We use leathers from three gradings:

  • corrected leather that has been treated to provide a more uniform appearance. The surface has a fine structure and the feel is nice and soft. It is easy to clean and maintain
  • semi-aniline treated leather has been corrected slightly leaving a large part of the natural grain intact and most hallmarks visible. It has an exclusive feel and provides maximum sitting comfort. Through use, semi-aniline treated leather will receive a beautiful patina that gives character to the product. This type of leather requires a little bit more maintenance than corrected leather
  • aniline leather is the most exclusive leather at BoConcept. The grain appears untouched and any hallmarks will be visible. The natural softness of the leather is preserved to ensure exceptional seating comfort. Over the years, aniline leather will become more beautiful and add character to the sofa or chair. This leather requires maintenance before use as well as during use to protect it from sunlight and spills.

We recommend you always use BoConcept care products for your leather and fabric pieces.