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Extend the life of your furnishings

Extend the life of your furnishings

Wood and veneer

  • Wood and veneer are affected by light. For the first 6-8 weeks, when the item is first absorbing the surrounding light, keep the surfaces clear of any objects to avoid permanent marks and circles. At first, new furniture will also need time to absorb light before it will match the tone of your existing furniture
  • Water is only to be used in small doses and only in the form of a damp cloth. After wiping, always use a dry cloth
  • Wood and veneer are very sensitive to liquids. Wipe up spilled liquids immediately


Marble is a porous material with an open surface that needs protection, and any spilled liquids should be wiped off immediately to avoid stains.

Before delivery we give it a protective layer of silicone wax which reduces the risk of liquids penetrating the marble. However, oily liquids will penetrate the surface more rapidly than water based liquids. Since the marble is influenced by heat and might, in the worst case, crack, you need to protect the surface by using coasters.

General care instructions for marble:
  • Spilled liquids should be removed immediately using a clean, neutrally coloured cloth wrung in lukewarm water
  • If a more thorough cleaning is required, only a pH-neutral soap, e.g. soap flakes, may be used. Any acid or alkaline product will degrade the surface
  • Use coasters underneath drinks and hot objects to protect the surface

Upholstery in general

  • If possible, switch the seat and back cushions on a regular basis to extend the life of your cushions and to ensure even wear over the years
  • Cushions with a filling of foam/feathers or fibre should be shaken regularly to ensure form stability
  • Expect a 'breaking in' period for your new sofa. The cushion fillings need time and use to stabilize so your cushions will feel softer and more comfortable
  • All fabrics and leathers will stretch during use. To achieve the best comfort, covers cannot fit too tightly. Therefore, some creasing may occur, while adding to the character of your sofa
  • Make sure the legs are fitted tightly to the sofa and check them on a regular basis
  • If you need to move your sofa or chair, avoid dragging it into position. Lift it to prevent scratching the floor or damaging the legs or frame

Furniture textiles

  • Protect fabric from direct sunlight to prevent colour fading
  • Ordinary cleaning: Vacuum frequently and use the BoConcept Textile Cleaner for general cleaning 
  • Treat your fabrics with the BoConcept Textile Protection to prevent stains and dirt from penetrating the textile fibres before use. When the fabric needs to be cleaned, vacuum your furniture and apply the BoConcept Textile Cleaner followed by BoConcept Textile Protection to maintain the fabric
  • Our Frisco and EasyNabuk fabrics are treated with EasyCare and do not require treatment with BoConcept textile care products


  • protect leather from direct sunlight and sources of heat to prevent colour fading
  • for general cleaning use a dry soft cloth only
  • if necessary, wipe or lightly rub the whole surface with a clean, soft cloth wrung in soapy water
  • if vacuum cleaning, use a soft brush nozzle to avoid scratching the surface
  • we recommend using BoConcept Leather Cleaner for cleaning the sofa/chair 2–3 times a year
  • please note; for the new Colorado leather you need to use Textile Protection kit and cleaner 
  • we recommend using BoConcept Leather Protector before you start using your new piece of furniture and also after use of BoConcept Leather Cleaner