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A glimpse into their modern home: Lauren & David Gould

A glimpse into their modern home: Lauren & David Gould

On a warm day in March we took a trip to Orinda to check out Lauren and David Gould's beautiful home.

From our first step inside we could immediately appreciate the sophisticated, thoughtfully considered space. Furnished with sleek, modern pieces while still maintaining a sense of coziness that comes with a well-loved home - it was a welcoming sight!

Let's take a look at how they styled some of our most iconic BoConcept pieces. 

BoConcept Bay Area Modern Living Room Fusion Daybed

BoConcept Bay Area Modern Living Room Fusion Daybed with dogs

The Fusion daybed, in a deep cognac chester leather, sits in a sunny corner and acts as the designated relaxing spot for the Gould's stunning dogs, Izzi and Naomi. The two Kai-ken's, a native Japanese breed, are perfectly at home. It's fitting that they would gravitate towards this BoConcept piece, as the daybed is inspired by mixing Japanese aesthetics with Danish functionality.

BoConcept Bay Area Dining Room

A dining room filled with pops of color that don't overwhelm, but instead welcome a feeling of joy and light. The bright blue fabric featured on their custom Adelaide dining chairs as well as across the Kaleidoscope rug are balanced by a walnut vebeer Milano tabletop.

BoConcept Bay Area Modern Living Room Fusion Daybed

One part of a matching Carmo sofa which we'll see next, this gray Carmo ottoman certainly makes an impact. With a cozy cubic look, the ottoman packs just as much comfort as character and is paired with a white Main lamp to brighten the corner, making it a perfect nook for relaxing. 

BoConcept Bay Area Modern Living Room

Taking a step back, we can admire the living room as a whole. With a combination of modern sofas and arm chairs to offer any guest or family member a comfortable seat while maintaining a strong modern look. The room features our show-stopping modular Carmo sofa, with an open end that offers a dynamic, welcoming atmosphere to the room. Let's not forget about the our iconic Imola armchair in a luxurious white estoril leather in the bright right corner. 

BoConcept Bay Area Modern Living room furniture - Lugano storage

The Gould's living storage perfectly encapsulates the beauty of BoConcept products - virtually every piece can be customized to fit your needs and aesthetic! In this case, they chose a sleek custom walnut Lugano highboard and sideboard.

BoConcept Bay Area Modern Living Room Furniture

Thanks so much to the Gould family for welcoming us into their home and letting us get a glimpse into their beautiful home! We hope it offers some interior design inspiration for your own homes. Don't forget, we're currently offering a free virtual design consultation in case you need any help picking out which pieces work best for your space.