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Interior Design Trend: Mystic Fantasy

Posted by Meg Gupta on
Interior Design Trend: Mystic Fantasy

The Oxford bed in purple Cotton Velvet. The Charlotte chair in the new elegant Rose Trieste fabric. Accessorized with the sensual Herbarium gallery and the expressive Shanghai rug, this room exudes the trend expression ‘Mystic Fantasy’.

Dark, dramatic and sophisticated, Mystic Fantasy gives homes an air of indulgence. Above a base palette of soft blacks rise deliciously sensual hues in muted tones. Finish the look with the sheen of rugs, velvets and glossy accessories. 

Oxford Bed in purple cotton velvet

The self-care trend extends into the home. It creates a demand for soft plump forms and cocooning designs – furniture that overtly express visual comfort. That desire for pampering also fuels a longing for plush fabrics and butter-soft leathers. 

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