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A Guide on Wood Care

A Guide on Wood Care

Keeping Your Wood Veneer Beautiful

Think of wood and veneer care like a hair trim. With a quick trip to the salon and a little TLC your hair is healthier, better looking, and easier to maintain. On the other hand, what happens if you skip your appointment? Does your hair get split ends? Maybe it becomes a bit lackluster?

More than 98% of our wooden designs are still made in Denmark in our own factory. This ensures quality builds that are meant to last. We want your solid wood and premium-quality veneer to remain as stunning as the day you bought them. With just a little love and attention, your designs can remain forever beautiful.

BoConcept Wooden Table and Adelaide Chair BoConcept Wooden Table and Adelaide Chair

Be Mindful 

Although our wooden designs need no initial treatment, please be mindful of where you place them in relation to air conditioners and heat sources in your home. These harsh conditions can cause unwanted deformation, discoloration, cracking and/or warping.

BoConcept Copenhagen Wall System BoConcept Copenhagen Wall System

Keep It Clean

Meet microfibre, your furniture’s new best friend. This softer cloth is ideal for wiping dust and dirt off, without the worry of damage. For days when dusting just won’t do, soak the cloth in lukewarm water with a small amount of pH neutral detergent and give the surface a quick wipe before finishing with a dry cloth.

Adelaide Chair BoConcept Wooden Furniture Adelaide Chair BoConcept Wooden Furniture

Treat It Right 

Avoid using chemical polish or oil treatments on your indoor furniture they can reduce the lustre and/or result in unwanted streaks. On the other hand, outdoor wood should be treated with outdoor furniture oil twice a year to help it retain its warm glow. To take the guesswork out of which product is right for your furniture, shop our collection of specially developed care products.

BoConcept Wooden Furniture Lugano BoConcept Wooden Furniture Lugano

Protect in Style

You want to protect the surface from hot and/or moist objects but resist any urge to use a magazine or newspaper as a barrier. The ink on these can easily stain or act as an adhesive under heat. Instead, opt for a set of coasters or placemats. Not only will they protect your furniture, but they are perfect for incorporating a bit of personality into your decor.

BoConcept Wooden Furniture BoConcept Wooden Furniture

Know That Life Happens

We all lead busy lives that may include clumsy friends, energetic kids, or mischievous pets, so it is best to prepare for the worst. If your curious cat jumps up onto your sideboard and leaves a few signature claw marks, having a touch up pen that matches the finish can be a sanity saver. For larger accidents that include deep gashes or dents, not all is lost. Well-placed accessories may be able to help mask the problem.

BoConcept Wooden Furniture BoConcept Wooden Furniture

You're Ready

Congratulations! With your new-found knowledge, you are equipped to care for any of our wood or veneer storage units, tables, chairs, or beds. By giving our designs the care that they deserve, you and your decor will be rewarded with the unmatched style and natural beauty that only wood and veneer can provide.