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Upcoming Design Trends: Bay Area 

Upcoming Design Trends: Bay Area 

Believe it or not, we’re slowly approaching the end of 2019. With the new year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider what interior design trends are going to be filling Bay Area homes next year. 

1: Smart(er) Appliances

As a leading centre of technology and innovation, it should be no surprise that tech products are becoming more and more important in Bay Area homes. Whether that be a kitchen decked out with futuristic appliances or a home hub that connects your numerous small tech gadgets - the options are just going to keep expanding in the new year. Not only can they make your day-to-day more productive, but they themselves fit seamlessly into your homes. The cutting edge products are not only fitted with the newest technology, but designed according to the latest trends - sleek, multi-functional and modern. 

2: Staying efficient: Multi-Purpose and Space-Saving Solutions

With exorbitantly high real estate prices in Bay Area cities like San Francisco and San Jose, people are living in smaller and smaller homes. In an effort to avoid over-cluttered living spaces, another popular trend is choosing furniture which double as storage space. A bed or sofa that includes hidden storage spaces are the perfect solution.

Lugano Storage Bed

BoConcept Bay Area Lugano Storage Bed

An elegant bed that not only helps you achieve a minimalist look with it’s clean wooden frame, but provides a significant amount of storage. Just lift the bed frame and store away extra bedding, clothes, or any other items cluttering your bedroom. 

Sydney Trolley 

The perfect blend of utility and uniqueness; a trolley that offers a home for your bottles while allowing you to express a vision of elegance and modernity. Not to mention, its wheels allow for mobility essential for small spaces. Wheel it anywhere it needs to go to achieve your dream interior layout. 

  1. Go Bold: Commit to that statement piece

2020 is the year to purchase that designer statement piece you’ve had your eye on. In particular, angular and modular furniture will take over the currently popular straight lines and angular pieces. From sofas to mirrors and frames, expect rounder, softer shapes.

The Ottawa Sofa is the perfect example of this, with a very strong distinct look while still remaining useful and stylish. It offers anextremely flexible concept and invites you to create your own space.

BoConcept Bay Area Karim Rashid Ottawa Sofa

  1. It’s All About Self Care

The importance of self-care has been adopted enthusiastically across the Bay Area and thus extended into our homes. People are intentionally seeking out pieces that are comfortable and relaxing, whether that be cozy linens or sofas that maintain a strong modern design aesthetic but still allow one to lounge and feel completely at home.