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Ours Sets of Beliefs

We are not just another furniture store. We are not like everybody else. We have worked with interior design for more than 60 years. At BoConcept, we have a strong set of beliefs that run through everything we do. In our design. In the respect of our Danish legacy. In all the 60 countries where you can meet us. And in our relationship with you.


Our set of beliefs

A sofa should never be

The world revolves around you. Not your furniture. If you have a small home, we will help to make the most of it. Or a big, triangular house, we will make it fit perfectly. At BoConcept, you can make your own choice in design, size, shape, color and material. Our concept is all about you, your home and your exciting, personal taste.


Danish design is not only
to be enjoyed by a few Danes

Danish design is our legacy, but a great legacy should always be balanced by innovation and new ideas. BoConcept has taken the great traditions of Danish design to the world's big cities and made it our own. We call it Urban Danish Design. It has the comfort and simplicity from Danish design and the cool vibe from the urban.



Our set of beliefs

Luxury can be overpriced

We live in a world where we often have to choose between expensive, elitist design and cheap, common furniture. At BoConcept, we love to create furniture that combines the feeling of luxury in the quality, in the design, in the material, and at a fair and affordable price. We want to spoil you with great value. It's that simple and it's the way it should be.


Nobody likes to buy furniture
from an arrogant snob

Many stores in the world talk about service. We talk about respect and we walk the walk. Respect for your home, respect for your wishes, respect for your ideas, and above all, respect for you. Our staff will take it very seriously and never give up unless you are 100% happy. Great design and arrogance are always a bad couple, and we would never invite them over for tea.



Our set of beliefs

Don't worry

We have done all of the worrying about matching and fitting for you- our design consultants can guide and advise you. BoConcept is all about making your home come together so that you can enjoy the harmony of an interior look that will last for years.


It is sad when you feel
uncomfortable in a beautiful chair

If a good looking sofa kills your back; if a fabric is too delicate to be used; if a design is so fancy, that you can't figure it out - it does not work. BoConcept designs will not only look great, but work in your everyday life too. Our designers think about you, and not themselves, so our designs look sharp, but you will never cut yourself.



Our set of beliefs

We don't want to be
young again. Ever

It is great to be young, new and innocent. But not so great to be naive, unexperienced and confused. BoConcept has created Urban Danish Design since 1952. Through three generations, we have learned our lessons. Our craftmanship, quality and concept are all set so that we can spend time focusing on you. Time changes and maybe you change too, but the BoConcept design DNA shouldn’t. Ever.